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"Do Good" gift box (4oz sample bags)

"Do Good" gift box (4oz sample bags)


You "Do Good" by remembering the sacrifices of the Red Tails and our women Veterans. 10% of the sale of this product goes to Grace After Fire, a non profit working with women Veterans.

There's nothing better than supporting an awesome non profit who assists the women Veterans in our communities. This gift box contains 4oz bags of G.I. Jane, Red Tails and Sgt. Snow whole beans.

G.I. Jane is a Peruvian bean grown and harvested solely by a cohort of 130 women coffee farmers in Peru. Because it's a fair trade bean, these women are being paid an equitable wage for their hard work which results in awesome coffee existing in your kitchen. Not only that, but when you purchase the Do Good gift box or any other G.I. Jane product, 10% of the purchase is donated to Grace After Fire which is a women Veteran led non-profit assisting other women Veterans and those women who are transitioning out of the military to civilian life. Check them out at graceafterfire.org.

Red Tails is a Vienna roasted Columbian bean which has been roasted in amaretto. The smell of the beans is amazing. We consider this one of our more elegant and fancy products, as this coffee would be a perfect after dinner drink. Customers have added either Kahlúa, Bailey's or amaretto to make it extra special.

Sgt. Snow is our Dutch Bavarian Chocolate roasted bean. This bean has the smell of chocolate, but when consumed it's 100% sugar and preservative free and tastes like coffee, not like a candy bar. It's a pretty cool experience to smell chocolate, but taste only coffee. Whether it's winter or summer, this is a popular product year round.

Whichever bag you choose to start with, each bag can make approximately 60 ounces of coffee in a drip coffee maker. The coffee arrives to you as whole beans, so that you can grind the beans to your liking. From French Press to Aeropress to drip and beyond, this gift box is sure to please that hard to shop for coffee lover in your circle of friends and family.


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