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Medium Roast Coffee Beans

A bit lighter and more 'fruit forward', often reminiscent of herbal tea infusions. Often described as earthy, with notes of pipe tobacco, cordials, and resinous woods. By combining all of these distinct qualities, this blend has a richly balanced flavor that is at once classic and elegant but with a suggestion of exotic and mysterious depth. Today, Get Some! can become your 100% organic Arabica bean fair trade option to help you make it through your day.

Our Vision

Building Bridges

Create social impact events to connect people.

More About Us

Our Mission


Create moments of connection with our coffee and give an assist to those with mental and physical challenges by offering The Medic, our CBD infused cold brew coffee blend.

More About The Medic

“Best cold brew ever. Depending on where you live they offer delivery.”

Heather Hilger Muhs

“The best cold brew coffee you’ll ever buy!! They pour their heart and soul in every cup that’s brewed.”

Drea Mcadams

"I just discovered this magical elixir and I’m hooked! Y’all, seriously, getcha some."

Michele McLendon Bryant

Making a positive impact

Devil Dog Coffee Company and LifePod Corps have joined up to assist with disaster relief efforts both nationally and globally.

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