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Get Some!

Get Some!

Medium Roast Coffee Beans

Bitter free taste, low acidity, 100% organic, Get Some! is our smooth medium blend cold brew that can be served hot or cold.

Roast Grade


Flavor Notes

Tobacco, cordials, resinous woods


1/2 Central/South American, 1/4 Ethiopian, 1/4 Indonesian.


A bit lighter and more 'fruit forward', often reminiscent of herbal tea infusions. Often described as earthy, with notes of pipe tobacco, cordials, and resinous woods. By combining all of these distinct qualities, this blend has a richly balanced flavor that is at once classic and elegant but with a suggestion of exotic and mysterious depth. "All it takes is all you got." This is the motto of Marine Reconnaissance. During my time in Marine Recon, there were times when we were exhausted beyond belief. Get Some! was our phrase to stay motivated when it felt like we had nothing left to give. Our tank felt empty. Today, Get Some! can become your 100% organic Arabica bean fair trade option to help you make it through your day. Because sometimes, all it takes is all you got. Packaged in our matte black valve bags, freshness is guaranteed.

Fast Fact

Get Some! is the official motto of the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment.


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